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Relying on its management’s experience in the plastics industry, Azin Plast Kimia Company initiated its professional activity in 1998 by importing the most up-to-date machines from Taiwan.
It has been the first to produce seven-layer nylon with the latest technology in Khorasan province. Based on its management’s and personnel’s knowledge and experience, it has been able to meet the domestic market’s need for this type of nylon and export 90% of its products to target countries, which is a good market share gain.
Currently, this company is operating the second phase of its project and has in its agenda a plan to import and purchase up-to-date European machines.
It has been involved in nylex production and various types of printing on plastic surfaces in Mashhad since the 1990s.
Using the latest nylon printing machines in Mashhad, this company is honored to provide a wide range of services, such as advertising nylon printing, shop nylon printing, nylon handbags, advertising bag printing, and packaging plastic bags with the best design and highest quality.
It also provides other services such as the production of adhesive-backed nylon rolls, various types of three-layer packaging nylon, agricultural nylon such as cucumber plastic bags, and various types of handled plastic bags in Mashhad at the most reasonable price and lowest cost.
In addition, the sales department of Azin Plast Company provides the printed shrink and Mashhad shrink nylon for shrink packaging.